Night-vision Systems

As a global distributor of Starlight Italia, Eligroup offers a comprehensive range of night vision systems for high-speed crafts, military vessels, and mega yachts. Our state-of-the-art cameras not only provide unparalleled clarity and detail in low-light conditions, but also offer flexible customization options with the integration of additional sensors and advanced software for observation and recording.

At Eligroup, we understand the unique needs of our clients, whether they are from the government, commercial, or private sector. That is why we offer both standard and bespoke camera systems, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual operator. With our commitment to using the latest technology, we aim to deliver the most cutting-edge and effective night vision solutions on the market.

Name X-series Night Hawk SX1200 Horus iLince
 Coast Guard Boat          
Offshore Patrol Vessel           
Assault Boat           

Gyro – stabilized Night Vision System: X-SERIE

The X-SERIE Gyro-Stabilized Night Vision System is a compact and innovative solution for various maritime applications. Weighing only 5 kilograms, this self-contained system features a combination of mechanical and electro-optical engineering. It is designed for use on search and rescue boats, law enforcement vessels, patrol crafts, and other types of ships. The camera module is actively stabilized to counteract the motion of the vessel, ensuring a stable live video feed. The X-SERIE is equipped with cutting-edge multi-gyro technology and a multi-sensor payload, including thermal imaging, optical day camera, and ultra low-lux daylight camera, to provide unparalleled hazard detection, threat assessment, and situational awareness 24/7.

Main applications:

1-Search and rescue operations
3-Ice detection

Military Night Vision System: PREDATOR NIGHT HAWK

The PREDATOR Night Hawk is a specialized night vision system, crafted specifically to meet the demands of Coast Guard vessels. It is not just its distinct design that sets the PREDATOR Night Hawk apart, but its superior performance, which has earned it recognition from numerous global police agencies for maritime safety.

Its cutting-edge technology includes two advanced sensors, including a low lux color HD sensor that provides optimal viewing during the day and low-light conditions, as well as a light amplification sensor that uses the latest military night vision technology.

Additionally, the PREDATOR Night Hawk is designed to endure the harshest of environments. Its external casing is made of lightweight, yet incredibly durable carbon fiber, capable of withstanding intense stress.


Professional Night Vision System: WHEEL MARK APPROVED SX 1200

The SX 1200 - HSC is the newest addition to the Starlight Italia family of products. Its Wheel Mark IMO HSC certification and its successful installations on a variety of High Speed Craft make it a reliable choice for customers.

The benefits of choosing this product include ease of installation, a comprehensive warranty, 24/7 service availability, always having spare parts in stock, being proudly made in Italy, having a light weight design, offering free maintenance, and featuring a self-cleaning window and an intuitive Operator Interface Unit.

Night Vision System: HORUS

The HORUS, a marvel of engineering by Starlight, is the epitome of compact design and unparalleled functionality. As the first micro PTZ camera of its kind, it can be effortlessly installed on any vessel.

With a built-in high sensitivity thermal camera featuring 4x digital zoom and a hyper-ultra low lux HD color camera capable of exceptional low light performance, the Horus series offers a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and compact design. The metal casing is both lightweight and durable, providing reliable protection for the device's sophisticated components.

Boasting a continuous 360-degree rotation and an inclination of + – 60 degrees, the Horus' tilting capability ensures that it can operate seamlessly in any situation. Moreover, the system's ability to be mounted upside down opens up a world of new possibilities for installation on a wide range of vessels.


Hi-Sensitivity Thermal Camera: iLince

The iLince system has been crafted for a diverse range of applications, including law enforcement, small rib surveillance, and perimeter monitoring. It is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive setup that requires no calibration or special configuration. The system can be easily monitored through an LCD display or a mobile device, such as an iPad or Android device, depending on the model and configuration. Additionally, the color palette function offers a selection of color schemes for the camera and software, allowing for a quicker identification of thermal variations and patterns in the image.