Eligroup MENA is comprised of four distinct and specialized divisions that work collectively to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions to its clients. Each division operates with a distinct focus and expertise to ensure that the needs of its customers are met with excellence and precision.
The naval division, is dedicated to serving the needs of passenger and cargo ships. It offers comprehensive maintenance, repair and installation services of electrical and electronic systems to ensure that ships maintain optimal performance and safety.
The Yacht and Security & Defense divisions have been established to provide specialized services for various types of vessels. Each division offers maintenance and repair services for superyachts and military vessels, as well as the installation of night vision systems, internal communication systems, and other safety systems for maritime navigation, all done on-demand.
Finally, the interior design division is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional design services, working closely with them to create personalized and stylish interiors that embody both functionality and elegance.
Together, these four divisions of Eligroup MENA work to provide its customers with unparalleled excellence, ensuring that their needs are met with innovation, skill, and expertise.