ANFORA - Our Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System

At Eligroup, we are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability in the maritime industry through the implementation of technical solutions for ships that are both eco-friendly and efficient. Our ultrasonic antifouling systems are designed with the dual purpose of promoting green innovation and ensuring commercial viability and technical feasibility.

The ANFORA hull protection system ensures the maintenance of the hull's hydrodynamic performance and pristine cleanliness, almost completely preventing the growth of aquatic flora and fauna. The result of its implementation is a noticeable reduction in fuel expenses and dry docking costs.


How does it work?

The ANFORA hull protection system operates on the principle of cavitation, utilizing energy to create an inhospitable environment for micro marine organisms on the hull. Through the use of diffuser wedges, electrical energy generated by a controlled switching generator is transformed into mechanical energy that propagates on the hull, effectively hindering the ability of these organisms to adhere or thrive. This results in a substantial reduction in fuel costs and dry docking expenses.

System Composition

The system, designed to protect the hull of a boat, consists of a variety of transducers specifically chosen based on the unique needs of each vessel. These transducers are connected to a powerful electronic generator that runs on 220 volts of alternating current, consuming minimal electrical power. The generator is housed in an electrical cabinet, which is protected by an IP65 rating and contains all necessary safety features and self-diagnostic capabilities.

Despite its low power consumption, the electronic antifouling system has demonstrated its effectiveness even when not in continuous use. In fact, it has been proven successful even when operational for just eight hours a day. The system has undergone extensive testing and is currently used by numerous ship owners for the preservation of marine inlets.