The inside, made to measure

Eligroup is a specialist in ship fitting and furnishing, offering a full range of services from interior design to material supply for the naval, offshore, and large yacht industries. They conduct technical surveys, provide general and detailed design, and coordinate projects from start to finish, delivering a finished product of superior quality at competitive prices.

The furnishing and fitting of vessels, whether it be a cruise ship, ferry, yacht, military ship or offshore vehicle, requires a meticulous attention to detail to ensure a comfortable and functional environment. External furnishings must be able to withstand exposure to atmospheric conditions while maintaining durability and longevity.

Quality and safety standards are paramount in the furnishings of luxury boats and cruise ships, making the careful selection of materials and precise measurement of available spaces an absolute necessity. This attention to detail not only creates a harmonious environment, but also guarantees functionality and ease of access for all.

In addition to ship fitting and furnishing, Eligroup also specializes in the technical design and construction of integrated lighting systems, as well as assembly of furniture, ceilings, panels, and doors in class C and B15. They also offer restoration and maintenance services for wooden items and external doors. Their expertise in the naval industry and in pleasure boating and commercial ships allows them to offer a complete range of services, including new building furnishings, modifications, refitting, furniture production and assembly, internal and external ceiling construction, and much more.

Eligroup specializes in providing superior ship fittings for leading Italian and international shipping companies. Our services encompass all aspects of the design process, from detailed inspections on board to expert installation and application, ensuring that each project is carried out to the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Polishing of marble tops and synthetic tops


Supply and application of interior coating / renovation films