Security & Defense Division

The military and defense ship sector is a crucial and demanding industry, and as such, it requires specialized technical expertise and innovative solutions to ensure that the ships are equipped with the latest technologies and systems for navigation, communication and safety. Eligroup, with its extensive experience in the naval sector, is well positioned to provide custom-tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of military and defense ship operators.
The company's technical team is dedicated to ensuring that the clients receive the best assistance, from the repair and maintenance phase to the testing and launching phase of the ship. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, they are able to provide support throughout the entire process, guaranteeing that the ships are equipped with the most advanced technologies and systems to meet the rigorous demands of the military and defense sector.
With its commitment to delivering excellence and its focus on providing custom-made solutions, Eligroup is a trusted partner to military and defense ship operators looking for top-notch technical support.

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